Frequently Asked Questions

When can bets be placed?

Bets can be placed up until the game starts. Once a game starts the smart contact will be locked and bets can no longer be placed. Bets placed after the contract is locked will be returned instantly.

How does the contract know which team I picked?

Excellent question! In order to make it compatible with any wallets as much as possible, I decided to use a new "concept". You pick your team by flipping your 1 finney decimal place (much like a flag). If your finney decimal place is even, you picked Team A (left). If your finney decimal place is odd, you picked Team B (right). Since one finney is basically not worth much (~1cent) it doesn't make a difference on your betting amount. Just be sure to check BEFORE you send any money to the contract. It's not possible to switch sides after you placed your bet!

Example: Fnatic (Team A, left) vs VP (Team B, right)

These are valid bets for Fnatic (Team A): 5 ETH, 5.1 ETH, 5.2 ETH, 5.31 ETH, 5.312 ETH (you see, 2 is even)

These are valid bets for VP (Team B): 5.001 ETH, 5.101 ETH, 5.201 ETH, 5.311 ETH, 5.313 ETH

Can I change my bet?

No, once you place a bet you can't switch the team the bet was placed on. This is due to Ethereum blockchain technology, once a bet is stored on the blockchain it can never be changed.

When are earnings paid out?

Once the match is over and the winner is officially announced. Earning will be paid out to the Ethereum wallet address the bet was placed from.

How can I verify the Ethereum smart contract?

The Ethereum smart contract is verified on

What happens if a match is cancelled, a team is caught cheating, or some other match interference.

Any game where one team had an unfair advantage (cheats, bots, doping...) will of course be nullified. Everyones money in the smart contract will be returned.

How is this decentralized, you are the one who triggers payouts?

The Ethereum smart contract is decentralized which controls the flow of ETH and the bets, this can not be tampered with as it is on the Ethereum blockchain. All admins do is tell the contract which team won, or determine if the match was cancelled (then they can return the bets).

Are there any safety nets? Can my money be stuck if something happens to the operators of this site?

Yes there is a saftey net. No money can not get stuck, we took saftey measures to allow users to get their money back in case we can not resolve a bet. If the last transaction on the contract is 28 days old, anyone can initiate a "return all the money" process by simply calling the contract. The contract will reset itself and returns everyones money.

Can I transfer ETH to this contract from an exchange?

NO! Do not use an exchange to transfer ETH to this contract! We will return the winnings to the address who placed the bet, so if you send ETH from an exchange the contract will return the winnings to the exchange too. The problem is that some exchanges uses the same address for multiple people, they can't verify which person the incoming ETH belongs to and the ETH may get stuck. We are not liable for any stuck ETH on any exchange and we can not refund it either. If you do have used an exchange address and your ETH is stuck please contact your exchange.